The Candle Brand Peony & Rose Candle

The Candle Brand Peony & Rose Candle

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Every fragrance we use is carefully inspected to ensure the ingredients are free from any severe hazards to health, making them safer to burn in your family home. The Burn + Bloom Candle Collection includes an extra special design of being able to plant the label which has been embedded with the seeds of wild flowers.

The candle is 100% coconut and rapeseed wax that is vegan friendly, free from paraffin, palm, soy, beeswax, dyes and synthetic additives. The wooden wicks are sourced from a company that donate a percentage of each sale to trees for the future. It's a fact, our customers help plant trees making them eco-friendly and minimising the impact we make on our beloved earth!

Net weight approximately 90g.

Burn time approximately 20 hours.

How to plant your label

  1. Remove the label and soak in water for 12 hours allowing the seeds to swell for germination.
  2. Cover with a thin layer of soil, keep moist until the seeds have established. Spray daily and handle with care.
  3. Germination time is usually 7-10 days. Best planted in late spring to early summer, and best survival rate is when grown indoors. Success rate 85%.

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