Bada Club - Full Course

Bada Club - Full Package

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The full Bada Club package includes

  • All 5 Bada Club Courses, equalling 40 hand crafted lessons taught by our Education Team
  • FREE entry into the 2021 "Bada Summer Party"!*
  • After the completion of each course you'll earn a personalised certificate
  • Complete all 5 courses and you'll be invited to the zoo for your graduation ceremony to become a Bada Club "Junior Zookeeper"!

What does this package include?

The Bada Club full package includes all 5 course forming a total of 40 lessons. Children who complete the full course will become a "Junior Zookeeper" and will be gain FREE entry into either zoo to attend a graduation day and our annual Bada Summer Party*!​

Join the Club!

  • Kickstart your child's curiosity about wildlife and world conservation
  • Discover new animals each week in interactive adventures with Bada and friends
  • Learn with our education specialists and see real animals at Banham Zoo
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*A Bada Club member can bring up to 4 family members for 50% off into either Banham Zoo or Africa Alive on the annual "Bada Club Summer Party" event and the "Bada Club Graduation Day". No alternatives will be given.

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