Bada Club Course 1 - Meet The Family

Bada Club - Course 1 - "Meet The Family"

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Each course includes:

  • 8 hand crafted lessons taught over 8 weeks by our Education Team
  • FREE entry into the "Bada Summer Party"!*
  • Complete the course and you'll earn a personalised certificate
  • Complete all 5 courses and you'll be invited to the zoo for your graduation ceremony to become a Bada Club "Junior Zookeeper"!
  • Please note: We have limited slots available for each course. If you proceed to checkout and find your selected timeslot is out of stock. Then please get in touch.

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What does this course cover?

Discover topics such as "What is an Animal?", basic classification and an introduction to mammals, birds, reptiles and invertebrates – with a chance to meet some of these animals too!

Join the Club!

  • Kickstart a life-long interest in wildlife and world conservation
  • Discover new animals each week in interactive adventures with Bada and friends
  • Learn with our experienced ZSEA educators
  • See real animals at Banham Zoo and Africa Alive
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*A Bada Club member can bring up to 4 family members for 50% off into either Banham Zoo or Africa Alive on the annual "Bada Club Summer Party" event and the "Bada Club Graduation Day". No alternatives will be given.

Once your payment has been confirmed, the information you have provided will be passed to our Education team. Please check your email inbox for instructions of how to sign up to the KidsLoop platform and start your little one's learning adventure!

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